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Then Wayne Robinson, of Marlpool Lane, began working as caretaker of the former nuclear bunker.During his trial by the Hereford Crown Court, Robinson claimed that he allowed two people to rent out a section of the Drakelow Tunnels for 2 USD a month.The caretaker of the Drakelow Tunnels is facing jail time after being found guilty of allowing the cultivation of marijuana in the tunnels.According to the BBC, in 2013 nearly 900 cannabis plants were found within the 3 miles of tunnel.

While other cannabis education programs are available, most are produced by business people who have little or no hands-on client health experience.Troy Langman, chief executive of medical company Auscann, said his company started in Tasmania but he would move to any state which completed the trials first."We are poised to go anywhere in the country and we have the financial backing to do so," Mr Langman said.But NSW Hemp Party president BJ Futter said the underground cannabis oil industry had been supplying cancer patients with cannabis liquids for decades and did not want to be replaced by big pharmaceutical companies."Our biggest battle isn't necessarily to get the plant re-legalised, it is to keep the plant as our herb," Mr Futter said."This is a community herb.What better place to illegally farm marijuana than somewhere that’s already been kept a secret to the public?In the UK, the Drakelow Tunnels, in Worcestershire were used as a top secret nuclear bunker during the Cold War.

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