Tunisia an dating marriage

But Swiss authorities in the city of Vaud refused permission for them to marry because they said the marriage would be a sham, and the man was using ’emotional fraud with the aim of migration’.

‘He took me to a house 250km from Tunis, where his family live selling goats and sheep. I can’t live without him.’ The man, speaking from Tunisia, added after the court ruling: ‘I am very disappointed.

My brother is culturally christian and lives in France.

He is 54 yrs old never married and always been a lil immature but he works hard and is a good person.

I am thinking of making a special trip to France in June insha'allah to see them. I have been making dua but I still feel so helpless, my brother is very child-like. My other brother lives in South Africa and says we can do nothing.

His boss used to be like a parent to him but is dead now. I have not said anything bad about her as I do not know anything really. My cousin in the UK is talking to my brother a lot but he has a big family and many responsibilities already and I can't ask more of him. Can somebody from Tunisia please tell me about their country, their sisters, why a young sister wants to live in France and marry a man twice her age live in the rural country (nothing to do) and probably be the only muslimah in that town Ithe friends who made the introduction live in Vichy, an hour north) and barely be able to communicate with her husband who is a good man but emotionally young, even slightly retarded?

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