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Oral sex was performed on men through a hole in the door, and Cerna would record the anonymous encounters.

As many as 60 men visited his home over 18 months, Cerna told police.

Lim was friends with the women, who were fellow students at the school.

It gets me hard just thinking about doing this and I know it may be "wrong" but I'm so excited, curious as to how this is going to go.

1st are there any recommendations for cameras if anyone else is into this type of thing?

He would come to their apartment and then set up the watch camera in the bathroom to record video of the woman disrobing or showering, Assistant State's Attorney Enza La Monica told the judge.

Prosecutors referred to the device as a "spyview camera watch."One of the women discovered the camera in late February 2015 and contacted police, who arrested Lim.

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