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Even though sex is safe for most women during pregnancy and doesn’t hurt your baby, you do want to protect your baby from certain infections you can get during sex.

Here’s what you can do to help keep you and your baby safe: If you have pain during sex, tell your provider.

Edith Kariko, medical doctor Many of the men end up choosing to get a vasectomy, a simple five-minute operation.

In the past few years, there has been a 7,000 percent increase in vasectomies and in this film we follow a man as he makes a choice about going ahead with the operation.

O’Neill then dismissed the deputy police commissioner who approved Vaki’s arrest and initiated an investigation against Sam Koim, the anticorruption group’s director, for alleged mismanagement.

The affair inflamed political divisions, and political protests were banned on grounds of avoiding violence.

If you have heavy bleeding, leaking of amniotic fluid or painful cramps that don’t go away after sex, call your provider or go to the emergency room. When it happens you have a few drops of blood on your underwear.

The Political Rights rating declined from 3 to 4 due to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s increasingly autocratic leadership style, including his disbanding of an anticorruption task force after he became subject of a corruption investigation.

Enga recorded 1.7 per cent, Jiwaka 1.6 per cent, Western Highlands 1.3 per cent and Eastern Highlands one per cent.Content on this website is for general information purposes only.Your comments are provided by your own free will and you take sole responsibility for any direct or indirect liability.In July, the National Court reinstated Taskforce Sweep.The government subsequently removed Koim from the payroll and withheld funds for the taskforce, though the group continued to work.

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Natural-resource exploitation provides the bulk of government revenue in Papua New Guinea, making the country’s economy vulnerable to fluctuations in mineral and energy prices. Electoral Process: 9 / 12 Voters elect a unicameral, 111-member National Parliament to serve five-year terms.

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