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Relatively cut off from the rest of the world for around 160 million years, the island was only colonised by humans around 1,000 years ago Researchers believe the Austronesians made the journey to Madagascar - more than 3,700 miles - in traditional canoes.

These canoes are still used in remote fishing villages on the country's east coast (pictured) The findings help to confirm theories that humans from the Pacific Islands colonised Madagascar, even though it is just 300 miles from the east African coast.

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In Africa, Zuba the lion tries to teach his son Alakay how to fight, but the cub is more interested in dancing.

Archaeologists have discovered residues of mung beans and rice in archaeological layers (pictured) from 18 ancient settlements in Madagascar and the near by Comoros Islands.

It suggests these crops were brought from Asia around 1,000 years ago by Austronesians from the Pacific Dr Nicole Boivin, an archaeologist at the Univerity of Oxford and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, said it appears Austronesians made the journey to Madagascar around 1,000 years ago bringing crops they had lived on with them.'But what is exciting is that we finally have a way of providing a window into the island's highly mysterious Southeast Asian settlement and distinguishing it from settlements by mainland Africans that we know also happened.' The distinctive baobab trees of Madagascar (pictured) are just some of the rare and unusual species that have evolved in Madagascar.

To successfully navigate this tricky section, he has to simultaneously land and avoid the wall at the base of the drop.

Brad Ludden and Tyler Bradt scope out the Betsiboka River.

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The river drops over a 60-foot waterfall just below where they're standing.

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