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The padding around her waist did nothing to assuage her fears - sure, she was diapered, but a diaper can only hide so much - and she was pretty sure it wouldn’t do anything to the smell.

Just from the words alone, Kyle immediately went to the obvious conclusion, and began to sweat from the highly-likely outcome.(Please, don’t let it be what I think it is...!

Often found traveling from country to country giving guest talks on splicing DNA, filling in gaps where diseases were concerned, and writing papers on numerous topics in the field of biosciences.)Kyle took the covers off of him and opened his eyes.“What is this?!

”He expected to be in a bed, perhaps in a motel; instead, he found himself in an adult sized crib, in a room decorated just like a baby’s, only the furniture was scaled for a grownup.

Intersexed individuals (formerly described as "hermaphrodites" from the Greek god Hermaphroditus who possessed both male and female physical traits) are those who are neither exclusively male nor exclusively female.

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