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But even if you know the version of WUA is out of date, you can't use the WUA API to force a self-update.

Additionally, if Windows Update on the computer is in such a state that automatic self-updates are failing, you can't use the WUA API to recover from that state.

You can use this installation package to install the latest released versions of WUA or the latest released versions of the file.

Here we explain how you can programmatically determine whether the version of WUA that is running on the computer meets your needs, that is, whether the version is the latest or at least current enough.

My apologies if this has been posted in another category, but I noticed yesterday (July 5, 2016) my Armory is not updating based on Achievements, pets collected, etc... This is also impacting API's with other fansites like Warcraftpets where the collections are not updating.

Just wanted to ensure Blizz is aware, and if you are also encountering this issue, it may be useful to post quickly to ensure priority is given. looks like it stopped recording any activity round 5-8PM server (w/b 3-5PM Pacific; time only approximate as my raid kills that night are not listed). Well it finally updated to post-legion launch for me, but it is not fully current. Also something is still broken in the armory profile interface.

The vast majority of repair or maintenance cases can already be clarified by e-mail or by phone - and can save you from having to return the product.It was updating gear and such until Legion but now it has no updates to gear. This is obviously effecting many players and it would be great if we could get a Blue Post providing SOME info.If you have a question to one of our products, please do not hesitate to contact the Bresser customer service.You can peruse the full list or search for data formats and file extensions based on the letter they start with from the table below.Pro Cam 4Cast is a unique system developed in 1994 for collecting real world crop production and agronomy data.

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